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Arthritic Foot Care

During your lifetime, you will probably walk about 75,000 miles, which is quite a lot of stress to put on your feet. As you get older, the 26 bones and 30 joints in your body will lose flexibility and elasticity, and your foot’s natural shock absorbers will wear down too. Having arthritis added to this […]

Athlete’s Foot Occurs More during the Summer

Although the summer months are a period of time filled with outdoor fun, they can often trigger discomfort with things such as athlete’s foot. Known most as an the itching, stinging, and burning feeling between the toes due to a fungus, Athlete’s foot can become extremely problematic if not treated properly. The fungus is contracted […]

Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot is an extremely contagious infection caused by a fungus that results in itching, burning, dry, and flaking feet. The fungus that causes athletes foot is known as tinea pedis and thrives in moist, dark areas such as shower floors, gyms, socks and shoes, commons areas, public changing areas, bathrooms, dormitory style houses, locker […]

Start Up Aims to Make Orthotics Trendy

Sols, a New York based startup, is trying to make orthotics cool for the younger generations. The company labels themselves as a “lifestyle brand” with advertisements portraying how great anyone and everyone wearing orthotics are. With the use of 3D printing and an iPhone app, anyone can soon have trendy orthotics for hundreds less than […]

Ankle Foot Orthotics For Athletes

Ankle and foot orthotics, known as AFOs, are custom-made inserts, shaped and contoured to fit inside a shoe and used to correct an irregular walking gait or provide cushioning. Orthotics come in a variety of different models and sizes, including both over the counter and customizable variants. Customizable ones should be prescribed through a podiatrist […]

Study used to find New Treatments for Plantar Fasciitis

A new study being conducted byLoyola University Medical Center is testing two physical therapy regimens on their ability to treat plantar fasciitis, which creates sharp heel pain. Participants will be randomly sorted into two groups: one group will receive therapy that focuses on soft tissue mobilization with hand manipulation by a physical therapist, while the […]

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Relieves Heel Pain

A new treatment option which combines ultrasound waves and steroid injections was found to be effective in patients suffering from plantar fasciitis, according to a groundbreaking study from the University of Genoa in Italy. The plantar fascia is a connective tissue in the heel that stretches the bottom length of your foot. Plantar fasciitis is […]