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Foot Exercises can help decrease Fall Risk for the Elderly

APMA spokesman Dr. Howard Osterman stresses the importance of regularly exercising the feet. Easy exercises such as trying to pick up a towel, washcloth, or marbles with the feet kick starts the muscles that build arch strength. Building core strength can be down by standing on one foot for 10 seconds. “(It) stimulates the nerve […]

Poor Circulation prevalent in Diabetics

According to the American Diabetes Association each year, 1.7 million Americans are diagnosed with diabetes. 30 million Americans already have the disease and nearly 86 million are living with a condition called prediabetes. Diabetic patients have poor circulation in their legs and feet causing slow healing in cuts and wounds on the feet. With this […]

Irish Dancer gets to Keep Dancing after Therapy

TJ Fedriko of Germansville, PA had his passion for Irish dancing jeopardized when he built up scar tissue in a joint of one of his feet. He states, “I was preparing myself not to ever dance, do any sports every again without pain.” The 18-year-old spent the next couple of months searching for a doctor […]

Study Finds Pregnancy can Permanently Alter Women’s Feet

According to a study conducted by the University of Iowa, pregnancy can permanently change the size and shape of women’s feet. Typically pregnant women experience a range of different foot problems: flattened arches, swollen feet, and because of the weight gain, these changes can become long term effects. The study included 49 pregnant women that […]

Hawks Forward Sidelined With Broken Toe

Earlier this month, Atlanta Hawks forward Michael Scott fractured his left big toe and will have to sit out for the next couple of games. Scott’s injury was caused during their loss against the Nuggets and was originally only thought to be a sprain. As soon as the forward returns to Atlanta to see the […]

Under-Desk Hammock gives Feet a Break while Working

Those with desk jobs may be familiar with the sore backs and swollen feet that come with sitting all day. To improve posture, circulation, and overall comfort, employees should consider working with their feet elevated. Brigham Young University students Matt Hulme and Brent Murray have created a solution to this in the form ofThe Foot […]

New York Woman undergoes Cinderella Surgery to remove Bunion

35-year-old New York City resident Denise Maione-Schwind has undergone ‘Cinderella surgery,’ or a Bunionplasty, to correct the bony bump on the side of her left foot that has been keeping her from comfortably wearing high heels. Determined not to wear flats on a night out, the flight attendant would often spend her evenings at home […]

National Athletic Trainers Association Discusses Cold Weather Running Injuries

Below freezing temperatures outside doesn’t mean runners should avoid the outside at all, the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA) states, it just means runners should take more precautions to prevent any injury. NATA also suggests when running or working outside to dress in layers, take breaks and warm up periodically, eat a well-balanced diet, stay […]